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Educational visits

XP welcomes hundreds of educational visitors from all over the world, every year.

We are an ‘open-source’ school and we share our practices freely.

During the first year of XP, we received over 160 educational visitors. In the second year, we hosted over 140 visitors in one day. We could not sustain this level of hospitality without putting a charge on our time. As such, from September 2016 we are attaching a nominal charge to visitors to cover our time:

  • £300 for up to 3 hours for 1-4 visitors (half a day)
  • £450 for up to 6 hours for 1-4 visitors (full day)

As this charge covers the time of our staff, we are able to accommodate up to four people for the same cost as one.

Each visit can be individually tailored to your needs, and normally includes:

    • a student ambassador tour
    • classroom visits
  • access to a senior member of staff
  • any resources at cost (any easy to share digital resources are free)

Lunch can be arranged at £3 per person.

To arrange your visit and any bespoke requests please complete the form below and we will get in touch:

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