How We XP

How We XP

How We XP is a book written by Gwyn ap Harri and Andy Sprakes about the school we have created, called XP.

This site contains all the resources we mention in the book. Where possible, we provide a repurposable template alongside an authentic model.

These resources are shared with the world as open source under the creative commons license of Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike which means that you can use, share and adapt these resources as long as you; give appropriate credit, re-share any adapted resources under the same license, and do not make any money out of them.

Remember: My worksheet is better than your worksheet!

The book

Treat yourself, your friends and your enemies by:


If you want a signed copy, visit our school and ask us! Or send the school an email if you want us to invoice you.

Thank you to our partners, Edge Foundation for trusting us and making this possible...

...and thank you to our giants across the pond for inspiring us and supporting us. EL schools & HTH



What we are playing with

Ofsted report - VIEW

XP School Trust accounts - VIEW

Good to Great and the Social Sectors - BOOK

Eating frogs - ETYMOLOGY

EEF 'research' - VIEW - Check out the POOR EVIDENCE STRENGTH ratings! How much is this costing us? I wonder what the impact versus cost is of the EEF? Why don't they publish that? Or is that too 'meta'..?

SAGA by Brian K. Vaughan - VIEW


Making good decisions

Design principles




EL Core Practices - VIEW

New Urban High School project - VIEW

Simple Rules - VIEW

Risks and how to mitigate them


XP School Trust - VIEW

XP leader poster.pdf

Staff Induction

ELC Speeches 2017.pdf


Dress Code - VIEW - MAKE A COPY

Catchbox microphone - VIEW

Character Traits & Habits of Work and Learning (HoWLs) - VIEW - MAKE A COPY


Mount Attendance poster - VIEW - TEXT - MAKE A COPY


A Narrative for Success - VIEW - MAKE A COPY


Promoting Good Behaviours - VIEW - MAKE A COPY

Character Values (A1 - White).pdf
Character Values - Detail (A1 - White).pdf
HoWL's (A1 - White).pdf
HoWL's - Detail (A1 - White).pdf


XP Curriculum


I could link to everything here that we mention in the book, but all our curriculum stuff is already in our curriculum website above. So go there instead!

For the expedition planning docs and templates, GO HERE!

Powerful Knowledge

Pountney, R. and McPhail G. (2019) Crossing boundaries: exploring the theory, practice and possibility of a 'Future 3' curriculum, British Educational Research Journal, DOI 10.1002/berj.3508

Pountney, R. and Said, M. (2018) Developing effective learners through a school/university partnership in curriculum making. Impact 3.

Jeff Robin


Anatomy of a learning expedition.pdf

Edge Foundation: All About Crew

Since September last year we've been delighted to collaborate with one of our partners, the Edge Foundation on the creation of this inspiring film, which captures the ethos of Crew At XP and XP East.

We join 11 of our Year 7 students, their teachers and Crew leader on their Outward Bound expedition. in the next few days together they will become a ‘Crew’ who stay together for the next five years of their school life.

The film also looks at the impact and experience of Crew across all our Year Groups on individual students, parents, GCSE results and the confidence, character and integrity that develops from being part of Crew.

Crew is at the heart of how we XP - pastoral care, family, mentoring, a hub of teamwork - but truly greater than the sum of its parts.

We Are Crew...


realsmart - VIEW - Your whole school online (Dynamic website, Google integration + portfolios etc)

Basecamp - VIEW - Their blog - Their books - Agile project management / productivity

GSuite for Education - VIEW - We use Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Classroom and the Jamboard app alongside Drive to store and share everything

SOS - We built our own Management Information System (MIS) for attendance, census, communication and conduct

Access Education Finance - VIEW - Cloud-based finance system

Chromebooks - VIEW - We use the Viglen Chromebook 360

Hegarty Maths - VIEW - The whole Maths curriculum online

Tassomai - VIEW - GCSE Science

Explain Everything - VIEW - Record concepts as videos using an iPad and Apple Pencil and upload to YouTube to uncover the curriculum

Padlet - VIEW - Quickly capture WAGOLLs (What A Good One Looks Like) and put them somewhere useful

Start careers - VIEW - Great careers platform, including online portfolio. Free! But pay for the teacher stuff because it's worth it

Other schools / organisations we mention in the book or work with